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You, girls, probably have bumped into a problem of constant shaving, waxing, tweezing, sugaring and other ideas to avoid hair on your body. How many times a month do you have to do such procedure? What is the most effective way to have soft skin after the treatment? When will it finally be a pleasant thing to do instead of feeling pain, cutting yourself, having a skin allergy, wasting time and money? All those questions must have been annoying you for a long, but you are very lucky to find a perfect solution here.

Shaving and waxing are common ways to get rid of hair. They are not so expensive, and many women used to do it even at home.


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Unfortunately, these two options have quite a lot of cons, which you can look through below:

  • You cannot avoid leaving ingrown hairs
  • Having sensitive skin, you will always face its irritation after shaving and especially after waxing
  • Your hairs become thicker and grow faster
  • The possibility to hurt yourself at soft parts of the skin and on bones by shaving
  • If you choose waxing, get ready to wipe your tears as it needs a high level of pain tolerance

It seems like women hate removing the hair, while it should be a nice time that we spend making our bodies look amazing. Ladies, who shave or wax arms, legs and bikini can luckily smile from now on, as there is a wonderful alternative comes their way.

Magic hair removal

Let’s start with the question of the price, because it is one of the most important details. So, if you visit a laser clinic for having a one session of removing hair from your legs only, it will cost you five hundred dollars. It is ridiculous, isn’t it? Most people would feel upset now, but it is not the end yet. You can be smarter than professionals in clinics and get a laser hair removal machine to use at home. High-quality machines cost about 300-500$, which will serve you for years. If you are ready to do a revolution with your fast hair growing, then it is worth to pay this money and have as many sessions done as needed.

Permanent result

The biggest pro of using laser hair removal device is that guarantees a permanent result. When you start using it, you will notice that your hair grow slower and slower. Obviously it takes time, and you will need to have 8-10 sessions to get rid of your hair completely.

Still there are several questions left:

  • How simple is to use laser hair removal machine?
  • Does it hurt?
  • What is the best value machine?

Due to a long and precise research on the web, there are some interesting and helpful facts you should consider, before getting a laser machine. Apparently, the most significant information was in reviews and comments by people, who had a chance to try a laser hair removal machine at home. Think about it: you are going to buy your laser removal machine, so it has to be perfect. It is one of those thoughtful purchases, when you do a survey, before getting it. It should be effective, safe and its price must be reasonable. There are some questions, which women are interested in, so take a look at them next.

Is it safe to use laser hair removal machine at home?

As they say: “It it safe as long as you guarantee your safety”. Yes, each product of laser hair removal is safe to use at home. They are recognised by FDA (Food and Drug Administration), so you can easily rely on the best performance of your new machine. If you have doubts according to the result that you can see at home, you will be amazed by it. By the way, you will not find the difference between clinical treatment and home procedure unless we talk about service. Remember to read the instruction about a safe and correct usage of the machine. This way you will never have injuries and reach the best effect possible.

What cream should you buy?

While removing hair with the machine, you need to use numbing cream to avoid unpleasant feelings. Maybe you will not have so much pain as other women (it depends on your hair thickness). You can feel tingling and prickling at different parts of your body. Therefore get a precaution cosmetic cream, which will make manipulation smooth. Do not skip advice to apply a calming cream after using a machine for better treatment. Your skin may be too sensitive after the effect of numbing cream and machine together, so calming cream or gel will help you to go through inconvenience. In addition, get special goggles for a protection your eyes from accidental laser light.

Is laser hair removal machine the only one solution?

No, as it was mentioned above, you can still shave or wax certain parts of your body. But if you are looking for a permanent result, nor shaving nor waxing can help you. Apart from saying Good bye to your body hair outright, you have many more advantages. Your skin will become much softer, because the hair follicles get smaller, every time you use the machine. Do you think it is possible to stroke your leg and do not feel any scratchy parts? Start using the machine and soon you will forget about caring about removing hair before going to the beach or wearing a sexy dress.

Getting out of ingrown hairs

This problem must be very familiar to millions of women and even men around the planet. Firstly it does not look nice and secondly it is too painful to get rid of them yourself. Girls, who try to fight with this issue, talk about various ways to get out of ingrown hairs by using special creams, shaving and waxing. Obviously it does not help, as these ways to remove ingrown hairs only make the situation worse. Shaving, in particular, is one of the reasons to have ingrown hairs. When you begin using laser hair removal machine at home, you will spot the effect after a few times. The laser machine removes hair roots; that is why you will overcome the problem faster, than hardly trying any other technique.

The best laser hair removal machine for home

Laser hair removal reviews

Nowadays, Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X is the best machine to reach permanent result at home. According to rating and comments, this device can easily take the first place among laser hair removal machines. The manufacturer promises to reduce hair growth after two sessions. It has multiple settings for comfortable usage and LED screen with various features, such as lock, pulse counter, skin sensor, battery indicators, power button and treatment level. Start with a lower level and take a time to get used to feelings you get from the machine. If you are going to buy it now from Amazon, it will cost you around 450$. You have a perfect chance to reach the top level of home treatment, as Tria has got a Smooth Start Calming Gel for pleasant feelings and stunning look of your body.


You may get much cheaper laser hair removal machines for 200$, but when it comes to your beauty and safety, you should think beyond the price range, as it is all about your body.


Hopefully, this article made you reconsider your usual way of removing hair. Being a modern woman, who desires an easy and convenient way to make her look fabulous, you should choose a new solution. It should be enough using razor blades and waxing strips that you have to buy every 3-6 month. Make your life comfortable and free your body with a laser removal machine now and look at the price with a thought of its quality and possible options.

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