Even though there is a common opinion that only light-skinned individuals with dark hair can go in for laser hair removal, many permanent removal machines work equally well on dark skin with gray, white, or red hair. A hair removal device emits a laser beam that then is captured by a hair follicle. As the result, the follicle is destroyed from the inside once for all.

It may be costly for you to undergo hair removal at a laser clinic as you will need far more than one session. Money was the main reason I bought a laser hair removal for personal use. You can get more useful information on top-rated machines available on sale today from my other guides.

However, a high price for a laser hair removal treatment in laser clinics isn’t an issue for many celebrities. That is why permanent hair removal is widely-used with them nowadays. A few showed their initiative in telling us about their treatment experience. To get to know more about their opinion on the procedure, continue reading.

Kim Kardashian

Since the star has Armenian roots, she had excessive dark body hair. Because of this she was always obsessed with an idea of getting rid of unwanted body hair once for all. In the interview to the Allure magazine, she was happy to share her experience with other. She had lots of positive comments on laser hair removal. The results she got exceeded her expectations: her arms, underarms, legs, and bikini became hairless and flawless.

On the Oprah show, the star claimed that the procedure helped her stay beautiful. Kim thinks that for her, like for any other girl, maintaining beauty is similar to working out on a daily basis.

Khloe Kardashian

Even though Khloe wasn’t as excited about sharing her laser hair removal experience as her elder sister, Kim, she stated that the procedure worked like magic for her. She claimed that the laser hair treatment made her feel so clean and fresh all over her body.

Lilly Ghalichi

The celebrity said that she used to use a razor to get rid of unwanted hair on her body. She remembers how irritated her skin got after shaving. She suffered a lot from in-grow hair as well, and that was the worst experience for her. She felt so miserable back then. Having excessive hair was so humiliating for her, especially in summer time. Now, she is so grateful for laser hair removal. She underwent the procedure when she was in college. She had her bikini line, underarms, and face done. Since that time, she has been happy with the results she got.

Hoda Kotb

The Today Show star, Hoda Kotb, had her arms done during a live broadcast. Her co-host, Kathie Lee, gave her moral support during the session. The correspondent said that the procedure made her feeling chilly like a breeze.

Alyssa Milano

There are many of those who didn’t enjoy their laser hair removal sessions. Alyssa underwent the procedure in 2006 and said that it was an unbearable experience. It was so painful for her, so she said that she would rather get millions of tattoos on her body than undergo another procedure.

Kanye West??

We are not sure whether Kanye underwent laser hair treatment or not. What I know for sure is that he was seen walking out of the laser clinic with the mother of his child.

For those who can’t afford to visit laser clinics, there is an abundance of laser hair removal devices for personal use that do work great as well!

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