Having a dark skin isn’t a problem anymore and being Indian, Italian, African American etc doesn’t mean having problems with hair removal too. Only a few years ago it was very difficult to remove hair from dark skin though now this issue doesn’t longer exist.

Dark skin complexion is called Morena and this word comes from Spanish where people are originally born with dark skin too. Despite the fact that fair skin is more popular I do love my dark skin and don’t really see much difference as now it is as easy to remove the hair from it as if you remove it from fair skin.

There exist no problems for people with dark skin to select clothes that will suit them or some makeup for women. The same thing is with, for example, beauty products. Though as soon as it comes to hair removal, here arises an issue. Because there is a wide range of hair removal machines but not all of them cope and deal dark skin. As a way out of this situation, some people were just shaving the unwanted hair whereas others were experiencing some negative results by using Laser and IPL devices. Permanent removal in a clinic was pretty good, but not everybody can afford it. That’s why when I came across the Tanda brand I was pleasantly surprised by the Me My Elos Syneron Touch Pro Ultra model as the manufacturers stated that it copes perfectly with removing hair on dark skin. Having bought it, I was even more satisfied than I hoped I would be.

What Was It Like To Remove Hair From Dark Skin A Few Yeaers Ago?

Coming a few years back it was a real battle and fight with the process of removing hair. To tell the truth there is nothing bad having a dark skin, yet in terms of removing hair from it, the skin color does matter. Permanent hair removal was fine for me personally till some extend. But with the time, I grew older and more hair grew too, therefore I had no chance but to find a way out of this unfair situation. Laser hair removal is expensive considering every time you want to do the procedure. Waxing wasn’t also a solution as it was too painful for me. Speaking about the IPL treatment it is mainly aimed at the fair skinned people. Yes, there exists a huge variety of hair removal brands and consequently models but all of them are for the lucky “snow white” ones. There was almost nothing for dark skinned men and women wishing to permanently remove the unwanted hair. Yes, permanent hair removal machines work perfect but again only with fair skin and what about other tones? Answering that question I was searching for a hair removal that has an ability to remove hair from targeted places on a dark skin and I have found it – Me My Elos Syneron Touch Pro Ultra by Tanda.



As I was saying above in the review, the hair removing for people with dark skin was difficult as the manufacturers were simply not proposing any solutions or options for such people. Though having bought and later used Me My Elos by Tanda, it has absolutely changed my idea about the IPL hair removal devices.

The first key factor I paid attention to when I was searching for a hair removal for myself – effectiveness to a wide range of skin colors as well as hair colors. This phrase caught my attention immediately and I guess men and women with dark skin will understand me as I finally came across the hair removal that is used at home and moreover deals with dark skin and hair. What else could I wish for?

Also, it should be said that this particular model by Tanda is used by everyone, both fair and dark skinned people. The manufacturers even offer a chart that shows what result you will get according to your skin color and times of usage.



Having bought this machine, I started using it immediately as I was eagerly and impatiently waiting for my first results. During the first month, I have used Me My Elos three times and was really hoping for amazing results and it did happen after the fourth treatment. I saw a great reduction of hair on all targeted places, such as legs, bikini line, and underarm. Usually, people say that they see the first result after six-seven sessions. As I can judge with Me My Elos model it happens much quicker.

Apart from the ability to reduce the hair growth, the hair also became thin and fine. I even didn’t hope to see such wonderful results. All in all, I can only say that I do really advise people with dark skin to purchase this particular hair removal by Tanda. You can be 100 percent sure, you will not regret it ever. It did completely change my opinion about laser removal in general and permanent hair removal for dark skin in particular. Nothing is impossible anymore!



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