While most people think that Veet produces exclusively high-end depilatory products, others know that they also manufacture reliable and effective devices that remove body hair once for all.


Veet offers both male and female customers a few gadgets and devices, and the users throughout the globe are pretty satisfied with what they get. The company manufactures products for almost any skin type and tone. To keep in with their customers, they offer an abundance of choices for any taste.

Even though Veet is a newcomer to the scene of the production of hair removal devices, the company has already won a good reputation. For example, their Infini’Silk Pro is among the top-rated hair removals in 2015.


The company scored a great success with the new IPL machines released last year. Since my sister and I are avid devotees of all Veet products, we bought both Veet machines: the Infini’Silk and its upgraded version, the Infini’Silk Pro.

These innovative products were manufactured in collaboration with another top development product supplier, the Silk’n. Their creation, the Infini’Silk Pro, is a revolutionary hair removal device that now is known as the most effective tool for getting rid of excessive body hair once for all. (There are other options that are very similar to this product – the Remington Quartz and Tria 4X) (Personally, I haven’t put to the test any of these machines, but there is much information on them in many guides).

Of course, I wouldn’t mind trying each of them one day. I like trying something different. My sisters join me to find out which product by Veet work better at reducing unwanted hair growth.


You probably know that at some clinics they use an intense pulsed light technology to reduce hair growth. The same is with these two machines: they both use this technology. These devices can be used by fair-skinned people who have dark-hair. However, many customers claim that they work great for those with brown hair as well. For this reason, my girls and I couldn’t help buying them.

WARNING: If your skin is dark and your hair is lighter than brown, then these machines are not suitable for you. In such a case, you better pay closer attention to those units that will work equally great for dark-skinned people with lighter hair colors.

Let me tell you how these IPL machines work: they emit light that is then captured by the hair pigment, and, finally, the light kills the growing cells, reducing hair growth. Since the machines are FDA approved, they pose any threat to your health. For your convenience, there are safety sensors – for skin color and skin contact detection. In case you are dark-skinned, the safety sensors will warn you that the unit isn’t suitable for you.

Both machines feature a power cord, thus they don’t require recharging. As compared to battery-operated units, these devices are simpler and easier to use. To get started, plug them in. Their power depends on the level and ranges from 3 to 5 J/cm2. The level you choose depends on your pain tolerance. As for the treatment plan, it is the same for both machines.

Many customers are satisfied with Veet hair removals what resulted in many positive reviews. I tried their products as well as my sisters, and we, like many other users, claim that these machines are really doing a great job!


The Infini’Silk is smaller than its upgraded version, the Infini’Silk Pro. Even though the last machine is bigger, it is easier to use and control. Moreover, some customers claim that it is even more comfortable to operate. It comes with a trigger and a set of buttons that are more functional. The machine comes with a bigger window which total area is 3.9 cm2 as compared to a 2.7 cm2 window area of the standard model. Giving consideration to all of these features, there is no doubt that the Infini’Silk Pro is a better choice for doing larger body parts such as chest, legs, and a back, while the standard version is suitable for treating underarm areas and a bikini line.


The major difference between these two Veet products is the type of the cartridge they use. The Infini’Silk is equipped with the quartz light lamp that generates only 50, 000 pulses, and you can’t take more out of it. As long as there are no more pulses left, all you can do is to throw the device into a garbage can. Since it is disposable and not expensive, it is suitable only for those who need a hair removal machine to use on smaller areas only.

Meanwhile, the Infini’Silk Pro uses a replaceable cartridge that can generate up to five thousand light pulses. Therefore, the product is a more practical choice because its replaceable cartridge allows it to last long.


Unlike the Infini’Silk Pro that is used by pulsing only, the standard Infini’Silk can be operated either by pulsing or gliding. Gliding allows for having your body areas done in a shorter time. Don’t force the device; use it gliding onto your skin gently. To use the pulsing technique, press the button.


The Infini’Silk Pro by Veet works great at doing legs, underarms, a bikini line, and a back. However, the product isn’t suitable for removing facial hair. Thanks to the handle, the unit is easy and comfortable to operate, even though it is heavier than the standard Infini’Silk. The last requires more time to get everything done because it comes with a smaller window. However, it does a better job at doing smaller areas like underarms, lower legs, and a bikini line. But it needs more time to have the larger areas done.

WARNING: Never use any of these hair removals on your face.


I’ve tried both products. If you ask, both of them really work great! Both of them delivered superior results. However, I would recommend that you buy the Infini’Silk Pro by Veet because it delivers faster results, lasts longer, and is easier to use. A big plus for the model is that you can change the run-out cartridge with ease.

If your hair is rough in texture, then better opt for the upgraded product as it will save you a lot of money in the end. Initially, I started with the standard Infini’Silk and very soon, when the cartridge ran out, I had to buy the Infini’Silk Pro that is more upgraded. If I knew this before buying the standard model, I would get the last one from the very beginning for sure.

Infini’Silk & Infini’Silk Pro Comparison
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