There are different opinions on what is better – a laser of IPL technology. While one therapist swears that laser does a better job, another claims that you can’t find anything better for hair removal than an IPL technology. In fact, your decision regarding the tool for removing unwanted growth on your body will depend on the nature of your skin and hair.

No matter what kind of hair removal device people choose, they all get different results, and they all need a different number of procedures to remove their body hair once for all.

I would recommend that you opt for a laser machine if you’re dark-haired. The fastest results can be achieved by those who have both dark hair and fair skin. If you are among them, no matter which type of the device you choose, you will get impressive results.

In my earlier posts, we’ve already discussed the difference between these two types of devices and now I want to go deeper and explain you of what to go off when picking a hair removal. Unlike an IPL machine, a laser one emits a single spectrum of light energy that is captured by the hair follicle only: skin tissue doesn’t get any energy. Therefore, a laser machine does a better job than an IPL one, which generates a broad spectrum of light, when it comes to removing thick hair. Moreover, if you have dark skin, you will have a higher risk of getting your skin burnt if you use an IPL machine.

Since both machines cause pigmentation, choose the tool that suits your skin and hair color better.

Which Option to Choose

All in all, laser machines generate more heat that goes straight to the hair follicle; thus they are more efficient for hair removal. Moreover, laser devices are less likely to cause severe side effects. Since the heat generated by laser machines is captured by the hair follicles only in contrast to IPL device, there are fewer chances of pigmentation and burning occurring.

To decide on which machine to purchase, take your time to read my other reviews for both options. I’ve tested both laser and IPL devices, and all of them delivered good results. I’m not sure which tool I like more, but if you ask, the perfect decision is to buy different devices for each part of your body.

If you want to purchase a laser machine, then better opt for the Tria Laser 4X, and if you need an IPL one, then go for the IPL6000USA I-Light Pro by Remington.

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