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While some people come to a speedy decision to buy a machine for laser hair removal, others spend long nights in a brown study. It’s shaving that requires minimum preparation. With laser hair removal, everything’s different, and you have to think a lot before you spend a fortune on an expensive gadget. And even if you have already decided on buying the tool, you still wonder if you had to buy such an expensive item.

No worries! Once the first session is done, you will feel satisfied with what you bought. Even though you spend much this time, you will save in the end. While your package is on its way, find the time to get ready for the first session. Everybody who has ever experienced laser hair removal knows that there is much prep work that should be done before starting with hair removal at home.

The preparation process includes the following steps: wearing eye protection and applying skin care creams and gels that ease the pain. Even though these steps are very easy to do, they are crucial for ensuring a safe laser hair removal experience.

Don’t neglect safety when using a laser hair removal! Protect your eyes from the harmful effect of the light emitted by the machine. Even the best products should be used along with the safety accessories. The IPL emitted by the device and then captured by the hair pigment kills the growing cells. So, use eye protection to be sure that your eyesight isn’t in danger!

Protective Eyewear

As you know, in your eyes, there is melanin. It is a pigment that makes up the color of your eyes. If you use no eye protection, you can just blind yourself. Don’t risk your health! Neglect of eye protection may cost you your sense of sight.

You can wear either goggles or safety glasses. For your convenience, buy protective eyewear in advance. There is a wide selection of goggles and glasses available on sale nowadays.

Pain Factor

The very moment you consider an idea of purchasing a laser hair removal machine, the following question will cross your mind – “Is it painful to get rid of your body hair via such a device?”. My answer is – “It’ll depend on your pain tolerance”. This statement may seem to be pretty vague to you, but let me explain.

As for me, it doesn’t hurt a lot. However, some of my friends who use laser hair removals apply an abundance of numbing and soothing creams. Continue reading to see which numbing and soothing products work.

So, why some people suffer from pain when removing hair via a laser hair removal, while others feel just fine?

How thick is your hair? While some have thin hair, others have coarse hair with deep follicles. The thicker the hair is, the more it hurts. The level of the pain you feel may also depend on the way you removed your body hair earlier: those who shaved their hair on a regular basis feel more pain than those who did waxing.

In fact, only 20 % of people don’t use any pain relief. I’m not sure whether you belong to them or are among the rest 80%. So, for the first time you better get a numbing cream to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Pre-Laser Hair Removal Care

Many people back off to try laser hair removal because of the pain they may feel. As we discussed earlier, those who are sensitive to pain should use different creams with a numbing effect to get through the procedure.

Except for using numbing creams and gels that work like aesthetics, you can apply some ice to numb the skin in the area you are going to do. These two options are working.

To my mind, you won’t find better topical anesthetic lidocaine gel than the Greencaine. Even though this product is more expensive than other numbing creams, it’s worth every penny. The gel comes in a big tube to last long and works well at numbing the skin. Use it with any hair removal system whether it’s a laser machine or IPL one. The gel is soaked up by the skin to create a numbing effect that eases the pain you may suffer from when undergoing hair removal at home. Even though the product was initially made to be used before laser hair removal, it is now widely applied by those doing tattoos, electrolysis, Brazilian waxing, and piercing. It is among the best-selling numbing products marketed anywhere in the world.

Post-Laser Hair Removal Care

Once the session is over, it’s time to apply post-laser hair removal products. Even if you used a numbing cream or gel before undergoing the procedure, you might feel discomfort in the treated areas long after the procedure is done.

Don’t worry because you can reduce this feeling with ease. When experiencing sensitivity after a laser hair removal session, lessen the effects by applying a calming cream or soothing gel. These products contain Vitamin E and an Aloe extract. They are perfect for reducing the pain you may feel once the procedure is done. If you ask, the best soothing cream is Tria Smooth Start. It’s known for providing the fastest results.

Safety Precautions

Even though a laser hair removal procedure has nothing to do with a surgery, it is a slightly intruding session that is associated with killing growing cells with the help of the light beams. Take your time to get prepared for the laser hair removal procedure. Don’t be in a hurry and do everything right, and remember about safety precautions. To avoid pain and damage, play safe.




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