The skin functions are vital for keeping the optimum state of a human body. It serves as a defensive barrier that protects us from the harmful effect of solar radiation, bacteria, and other agents. Even though our skin is very sturdy, your have to take care of it regularly, especially if you’re undergoing laser or IPL hair removal.

Today, many people go in for this procedure to solve all of their unwanted body hair issues once for all. It comes in handy for those who whether have no time for Brazilian waxing or can’t bear the painful feeling it causes. It’s also a good option for those tired of regular shaving.

The machine emits a laser beam that then kills a hair follicle from the inside. This procedure is suitable for fair-skinned people who have dark hair on their body. Since dark color absorbs the laser beam energy, it is dangerous to use a laser hair removal on dark skin as it may result in skin damage. A few sessions are enough to forget about all the problems caused by unwanted hair on your body.

As long as the laser beam burns off your hair follicles, your skin becomes very sensitive and inflamed after the procedure. Moreover, the session by itself may hurt a lot especially if you have a low pain tolerance level. Don’t forget about skin care to ease the pain.

Below, there are some measures you should take before and after hair removal:

  • Apply some sunscreen to reduce skin sensitivity. Direct sunlight causes damage to the treated skin that is prone to darkening. This tip is especially important for dark-skinned people.
  • Keep your skin cool: don’t take hot showers and avoid steam rooms and saunas for the next day or two.
  • Don’t undergo laser hair removal if you take antibiotics. You can come back to it two weeks after you finish the medication.
  • Apply some ice on the treated skin to ease the pain. Moreover, you can use some ice locally to numb your skin before getting to the procedure.
  • Don’t use any makeup during at least one day after the procedure is done. The mineral makeup is allowed.
  • Apply sunscreen with SPF 15, 20, 50 or more. Neutrogena is highly recommended.
  • Forget about waxing or tweezing as this may make your hair follicles ineffective.
  • Avoid tanning before the procedure. Tanned skin captures much of the energy and makes hair removal time-consuming and painful.
  • Apply numbing and post-care soothing creams to reduce skin sensitivity. Read more about the products before buying them.
  • Wait 4-12 weeks before another session.
  • Before doing your underarms, be sure that there is no deodorant or perfume on the areas.
  • Avoid using any topical medication, like anti-acne creams or others, on the treated facial skin.

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