Remington iLight Pro IPL6000USA laser hair removal system review

Remington I-light Pro IPL6000USA Review



To be honest, the product is the first hair removal machine I purchased! If you prefer removing your body hair at home instead of going to a clinic for a laser treatment session, then you probably know how many Remington beauty products are on offer today. The upside is that all of their offerings are durable and reliable. I still use my hair removal. However, I have less body hair, and I am about to forget about all my body hair issues once for all.

Okay, I’ve tried several professional laser treatment sessions, and soon I found out that I couldn’t afford more of them. When I considered IPL hair removal as an alternative to a professional treatment and home waxing, I decided that buying a reliable hair removal device would be a safer and less expensive option than visiting clinics.

So, looking at different laser machines, their reviews, and price tags, I found the Tria and the Remington to be very attractive options. Since the Tria was way above my budget, I opted for the Remington with no questions asked. Almost eight months later I decided to get the Tria 4X Laser, even though the Remington did an excellent job and still does. I bought the Tria because I’m simply one of those laser hair removal fanatics. Find out the reasons I made such a decision, read my review for this product.

However, the reason I opted for the I-Light Pro initially was the relatively small price. Moreover, its brand name, Remington, was a big plus. I knew that I was purchasing from a reputable provider of reliable beauty products. The only thing I was surprised with was its small price tag: I was curious whether the machine was not effective, or it was just a godsend.



  • The machine is FDA-approved;
  • You will see the results within the next six months;
  • Long-lasting cartridges (up to one and a half thousand pulses);
  • Low-cost cartridge replacement;
  • A reputable Remington brand.


  • Cartridges require replacement;
  • The machine uses an IPL technology that is less effective than a laser one.

All about the Pros

IPL vs. Laser – Initially, I knew that the product uses an intense pulsed light technology. Since I am brown-haired, I decided that this machine was obviously a good choice for me. As long as everybody was telling me that a laser device is the best thing one can buy, I felt like I was going wrong. However, I was sure that this is because the lasers are sold as unbeatable hair removals, and I decided to go for the Remington I-Light Pro. I mean, of course, the laser technology delivers better results than the IPL one does but not for everybody! There are lots of customers who claim that an IPL hair removals work better for them! If you ask, IPL hair removal machines do work great!

High Level of Safety – The device is FDA-approved, and it uses an IPL technology. Dermatologists use the same technology in their practice. The hair removal is also clinically proven to stop body hair growth.

No Recharging Required – Unlike many others hair removals, the I-Light Pro features a power cord. Since the device doesn’t have to be recharged every half and hour, it is simpler to use as compared to other devices working on batteries. When doing your underarms, the need to charge the tool may not bother you a lot, but pausing every thirty minutes when doing your legs, may be irritating. What makes the device easy to use is its design. Unlike the Tria 4X Laser, this product is built as a handheld unit.

Fast & Smooth – One of the advanced features of the machine is its ultra-fast flash rate that allows for removing your body hair at home in double-quick time. For instance, with this flash rate, your underarm and bikini areas require less than twenty minutes to get done.

Skin Tone & Hair Colors – The product is similar to those using a laser beam but works with a bigger number of skin tones and hair colors. The device is built to be used by those with everything in between fair and light brown skin tones. Take note that it may be too risky to use it if you have a darker skin.

 ‘Only’ Advantage of Having the Remington I-Light Pro

Cost & Cartridge Replacement – The machine uses a cartridge that produces about fifteen thousand pulses. Thus, the only drawback to the product is the need for replacing the cartridges. Be aware that you will have pay extra $30 to replace a cartridge. Since the machine is available at a low-price, many users are just fine with paying extra for cartridge replacement.

Aside from having the extended maintenance cost, the machine leaves many competitors behind – in the package, there is a booklet with detailed information on how to use it to get optimum result. Even though I failed with my right underarm, my legs were perfect. Before getting to start, it’s better to buy a few extra bulbs. In fact, I had my legs and underarms done by the time the first two cartridges were finished. All in all, the product is a sound investment in the long run!

Machine vs. Device – The Remington I-Light Pro is considered to be a heavier “machine” as compared to a usual hair removal “device” available on sale. A machine is supposed to be bulkier than a device.

If you ask, this model is a godsend! It does an excellent job, is easy and simple to maneuver, doesn’t cost a lot, and lasts a long time. Even though you will have to pay extra for maintaining the machine, it’s worth the buy for sure!

Give the Remington’s Pro Plus or Pro Plus Quartz a Try

I had a chance to read much information on the upgraded Remington’s hair removal machines – IPL6000P iLIGHT Pro PLUS Permanent Hair Reduction System and the IPL6000 iLIGHT Pro Plus QUARTZ. Both of them cost more than that one by Remington I reviewed earlier. These versions come with upgraded features and require less time to deliver superior results; they offer permanent results in three sessions. To provide the same results, the I-Light Pro requires at least six procedures.

Even though these two machines use more expensive cartridges as compared to those employed by the I-Light Pro, these cartridges last twice as long. Therefore, you pay less in the end. Nowadays, many customers prefer the IPL6000 iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz as they consider the product to be more effective. They believe that they are buying from a reputable and reliable brand. Although all of the Remington IPL hair products are very similar in appearance, they deliver entirely different results. If you want to remove all unwanted hair once for all, give the Pro Plus or Pro Plus Quartz a try.


Remington I-light Pro IPL6000
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Remington I-light Pro IPL6000
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