Silk'n SN-002 SensEpil hair removal handheld deviceAdvantages:

  • very simple to put together and start using;
  • the fastest hir removal you could only imagine;
  • approved by the FDA;
  • ability to cover large targeted places all over the body;


  • it takes longer to see the first results (usually after about 10 treatments);
  • doesn’t show results when used on dark skin;
  • not advisable for people who were sun tanning recently and the tan is still there;
  • the cartridge should be replaced from time to time;
  • the technology the hair removal uses – Intense Pulsed Light;




There exist lots of situations when a girl should look after herself and speaking frankly that’s actually every day. Whereas for a man it is so much easier as in the morning they always don’t feel like shaving and are fine about it.

Let’s take an example with going to the beach. It means 2 things for a girl at the same time:

  • shaving is number one;
  • when shaving, especially a girl should make sure that all unwanted hair is removed and that includes several places like underarms, bikini line etc.

Shaving for a long time leads to the fact that hair becomes thick and grows much faster. Whereas using laser and IPL hair removal machines – it helps to not only reduce the hair growth but also make them thin and fine. Obviously mostly women use such devices but an interesting fact that more and more men started using permanent hair removal systems as well.

And the Silk’n Sens Epil Hair Remover is perfect for both men and women as it quickly removes the hair from any targeted place. The second name for this hair remover is the Silk’n SN002 All-Over Hair Removal Handheld Device. Therefore if you decide to buy it and see this name instead of the usual one, it is still the same super permanent hair removal machine.

This particular model was approved by the FDA which makes it 100 percent safe for using at home. Moreover, while working it uses the Home Pulse Light Technology which means that it is also safe to use at home. As you understand it is very similar with laser remover just another technology is used.

Below you see very detailed information with some data of the Silk’n Sens Epil Hair Remover.


  • FDA approved – absolutely safe to use at home.
  • Simple to use and maintain-  as I wanted and was going to use the SensEpil laser device at home I had to be sure that it would be safe and that I would be able to control it while it was working. When you just take the device it is very comfortable to hold and manipulate, feels like you are in charge of the process. The grip is very comfortable in this way too. The machine itself is not heavy comparing with some other models I have tested before.
  • Power cord – the presence of the power cord is a really astonishing feature as it means that you don’t have to wait for hours till the device gets enough charging power to keep going (usually 4 hours). With the power cord, one has to just have a socket and the job will go smoothly and fast.
  • Results that really work and can even be comparable with the clinic ones – when deciding to purchase a home used hair remover we all expect it to be of a super high quality, because lets face the fact we spend hundreds for it. Therefore why would somebody want to spend that much without getting an amazing performance and results?
  • Price – for some people as well as for me the price plays a certain role when buying such things and speaking about the remover it cost me 200 dollars which to my mind is a really great price for all its features and technologies it uses. Having paid 200 dollars I now have a possibility to do the treatments whenever and wherever I want. Whereas comparing it with professional hair removal treatments, I would spend thousands for it.

All in all the SensEpil is exactly what one needs as it corresponds all the main criteria such as safety, FDA approval, clinically proven and of course affordable, durability and reliability.


There exist only one issue about the SensEpil SN 002 I can think of and it is the following – limited range of skin tones. As it was mentioned above this model isn’t advisable to use for people with a dark or tanned skin. The tests that were made on the dark skin didn’t show any result at all because the system has a special tone sensor aimed at safety purposes.


Yes, of course, there exist dozens of laser hair removal systems though not all of them have the same top ranked features as the SensEpil SN 002. It is safe to use in home conditions, FDA approved, clinically proven, affordable for the majority of people, shows great performance, convenient grip, lightweight which means simplicity in holding and manipulation, durable and reliable. All these features one can get if his/her skin tone isn’t dark or tanned.

With the Silk’n hair remover, you will get a reduction of hair as well as with the time it will become thinner and finer. And that’s obviously what we wish for from any hair removal device. Apart from all these pros- it is very simple to use this hair remover- one just needs to follow the instructions when using it for the first time. The most significant point is to get the match with the right skin tone and as you do that, your nightmare will be over.


Silk’n SensEpil SN002 Review
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Silk’n SensEpil SN002 Review
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