Tria hair removal laser 4x reviewI decided to write Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X review because a desire of removing hair becomes urgent. Girls start trying to use all possible and impossible ways to reach the goal. They try it everywhere on a face, underarms, bikini line but without any proper result.

I want to share my personal experience and tell you my example, as I guess it is the worst that can be only imagined. My skin tone is fair though I have dark hair on my stomach, hands, arms, legs, armpits and bikini line. And it was a battle to remove this hair.

I have tried different treatments: waxing, shaving, bleaching, and electrolysis. The results didn’t last long. I can’t say that these methods was worth it and recommend for hair removing.

I was doing my research carefully to solve “hairy” problems in minutes. That was the time when I found the  Tria Beauty Laser 4x.

My Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X Review

  • The Tria Laser 4x is FDA approved. The machine is safe to use as a facial hair remover and on other sensitive parts: bikini lines, upper lips etc.
  • What is the main distinction between the Tria Laser 4x and Tria Precision? The Tria Laser 4x has a bigger size and is an improved version of the Precision. The Tria Laser 4x is designed to remove hair from body and face. Precision is aimed at face and small sensitive body parts only.

Tria Laser 4x is not for dark or black skin

I have used it for three months already. Below are the reasons which set Tria apart from other model or brand.

First of all the Tria Laser 4x is safe.  It is FDA approved and that is the reason to not worry about using it at home if you are not a professional.

Some people do have doubts about the safety. But I assure you that the Tria Laser 4x is 100% safe for all parts of your body and face. It doesn’t manipulate the cells under your skin to avoid chances for skin allergies/reactions.

This machine is not for dark skin tones especially for long-term hair removal. In the instructions and manual that come along with the device, you will see a chart to guide you through. If your skin tone is within the range, you will see results after only 2 sessions of using the Tria Laser 4x .

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X body areas

When I purchased my Tria Laser 4x I started using it immediately. It is the safest hair removal machine for face and suits for for legs, back and pubic areas. It is lightweight and is manufactured in a way that the person doesn’t feel pain. It is a pain-free hair removal machine for sensitive body parts.

Speaking about underarms I also found it easier comparing with the methods I had tried before. It includes 5 different settings. Number 5 feels like a sting and warm feeling later. Due to this feature it is popular for removing facial hair.

Tria Laser 4x discharges the diode ray and diode laser means permanent hair removal. For people with dark hair and fair skin it will give a effective and permanent result.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X features

Tria Laser 4x is an easy to use machine, comfortable to hold and grip as well as manipulate.

The settings are easy and include following features:

  • skin tone sensor;
  • battery life indicator;
  • lock;
  • power button;
  • treatment level intensity;

The main idea why I bought the Tria 4x was to use it to remove hair on my underarms. Because every time I shaved, there was still a shadow left.

There are 5 proposed intensity levels. You should slowly move from first to fifth to reach better results. I felt no pain even on fifth level.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X design and price

The design of the Tria is stylish and will look good with your beauty devices. Cordless home hair removal machine is easily stored anywhere.

What is more, profitable: home laser treatment or the treatment that I can get in a clinic?


I calculated that using a home laser treatment is much more money-saving. So why not to use a stylish and sleek Tria 4x?

I buy a calming cream to apply after the session, but it is a lot cheaper than one appointment in a clinic. This device will serve you for several years. Tria Laser 4x is a smart investment.

My verdict:

Tria Laser 4x is an effective and safe laser hair removal device for home. Not suitable for dark or brown skin tones.

It is easily the best home laser facial and body hair removal machine on the market today.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X Review
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Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X






      • Lightweight
      • All areas
      • Painless


      • Not for dark and brown skin
      Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X Review
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