Tria Beauty hair removal laser precision reviewPros:

  • FDA approved;
  • Doesn’t require changing of the cartridge which will save you money;
  • The best technology is present in this particular model – Advanced Diode;
  • Is aimed at removing hair even from the most sensitive and small parts of body (lips etc);
  • The majority of dermatologists recommend exactly Tria hair remover;


  • Removes hair only from small parts of body as it has a small laser tip;
  • The battery lasts only 15 minutes and after that it needs recharging;




Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision Review

Face Laser Hair Removal Pro

The Tria brand first appeared on the market in 2014 and released the hair removal Laser Precision model which is used by both men and women. In this model the most advanced and newest technology is used, it is called – Advanced Diode Laser technology. This laser remover is for home use and, therefore, is widely spread and popular on the market all over the globe, one can even state that it is the best buy when dealing with sensitive and small part of body. Consequently, it is very safe and the tip was especially designув in a way so that to never scratch the skin.

Despite all its pros, the Tria Precision is very similar to another best model from Tria manufacturers. They have recently released the Tria 4x Laser that became even more popular in just a few weeks. But immediately arises a question – is the Tria 4x Laser better? What are the differences between these two models? The answer is simple – the Tria manufacturers always listen and hear its customers’ feedbacks and comments.

And here is what the manufacturers heard from the consumers – women wanted the device to be lightweight, portable so they can take it on vacation or business trip and the most significant fact, they wanted a face hair removal device. That’s when the Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision was created. It was especially made to be used for removing face hair as well as hair from other sensitive body parts like bikini line, underarms, and genital areas. It is an excellent machine that removes hair from small areas because its tip is small too and comparing it with usual big and bulky hair removers, it is clear that the Tria Laser Precision will never hurt or scratch the skin.

The Tria Laser Precision includes the 4Ps which mean – Precision, Portability, Petite (from French- small) and Professional.

There exists a huge variety of hair removal devices on the market and it is a really difficult and hard task to make the choice and stop at one device. As at some point they all seem to be so good because just the idea that it will assist to remove all the hair makes a woman want to buy them all. Though I have one advice – if you wish to go through at least a month of no-shaving then opt for the Laser Precision because that’s 100% what its goal is.

PREVIEW – Tria Laser Precision

The Tria Laser is one of the newest and most recent devices and perhaps that’s the reason why it has the most advanced technologies and is consequently one of the most advised hair removal devices to be used at home. As for me, it is really one of the most superior. And I say it as I have tested 4 different models from different brands and the Tria demonstrates excellent performance and results.



  • Small and sensitive body parts (bikini line) – this model was especially designed and manufactured for removing hair from private parts like, for instance, bikini lines. Its tip is so small that one shouldn’t be scared of scratching or anything else. Moreover, the device is extremely lightweight which makes it easy to manipulate and cope with. It is a popular machine not only for usual bikini hair removal but also for Brazilian one.
  • Face hair removal – unfortunately sometimes women suffer from little annoying mustache over the upper lip and, of course, every women/girl wants to remove this unwanted hair. And the best choice you can make is to get the Tria Laser Precision for this purpose. Even this review is mainly aimed to solve the problem with facial hair. Having the Tria Precision, one will get rid of mustaches in minutes if not seconds.
  • Extraordinary and fast results – let’s face the fact that we are eager to pay money for a high-quality hair remover. And high quality means great and long lasting results, doesn’t it? I can personally say as I have tested it, that with the Tria Precision the result is already seen after two treatments. The hair grows slower, it becomes thinner and finer as well as reduces.
  • Advanaced Diode Laser Technology – this is the safest technology that can only be used at home. It is also present in the Tria 4x Laser model. This technology means almost immediate results (after 2 sessions). Apart from the immediate result, you will also get the fastest, most permanent and safest technology.
  • Price – for a lot of people price plays the main role. The Tria Precision costs a little less than 300 dollars which is absolutely worth it. For 300 dollars, you get the top-highest technology, plus it means no more going to clinics for waxing etc. Even comparing it with other Tria model prices, this one is the most affordable and reasonable. The most significant point is the safety and with the Precision you can be absolutely sure about it as it is FDA cleared and when it comes to skin tone, it warns you when it is within the range.



It is really complicated to think of any minuses when it comes to any Tria model and it is clear and obvious that it is one of the safest home hair removal machines.

Though it does have minor cons. The main issue is the battery as it lasts only quarter of a minute after which it requires to be recharged. The other con consumers were mentioning is the number of settings – there are only 3 of them whereas, for example, the Tria 4x Laser has 5.  But as for me personally it is not an issue at all and let me explain why. I believe and consider that the main minus of the Tria Laser P is that it doesn’t deal with large parts of a body. Yes, it is just perfect for facial hair removal and as well as removing hair from bikini lines. Nevertheless, if you are thinking of purchasing it in a hope to use it for sessions on legs or arms it is not what it is for. Yes, it is possible and nothing will happen with the machine, but it will take you the whole eternity. Plus remember about the longevity of the battery life. During 15 minutes nobody would be capable of coping with even half of an arm.



Here are the minutes of how long it takes the Tria Laser P to get rid of the hair on upper lip, underarms, and bikini line.

  • upper lip – 3-4 minutes;
  • bikini line – 10-11 minutes;
  • underarms – 5-6 minutes;



As I have reviewed and tested many popular hair removal devices I pay my special attention to the Tria Laser P as it is one of the newest and one that combines all the latest technologies in itself. Moreover, it is one of the safest to be used at home. And if it is used at home, it means all people with whatever skin tone, may remove the hair with its help. Comparing it with other brands and models, they are not capable of boasting such results.

NOTE* if your skin color is very dark naturally then no hair remover will help you, though if the skin is light brown the Tria P is at your service.

How to be sure that it will work on your skin? A lot of people have some doubts when deciding to buy the laser hair remover. They are thinking – what is the best hair remover for dark skin? What is the best hair remover for fair skin and hair? Which hair remover is the safest to use at home? Which one is the safest for dark skin? etc. And I do absolutely understand such people, as nobody wants to invest the money and then see no result. The Tria Laser P deals with all skin tones and hair colors.

All in all, as an example, I can say that I have a few friends that are Italian and Greek and originally they have olive skin that is very nice. And having used the Tria P they were extremely satisfied with the results. And it is for my mind a great step forward as even 2 years ago people with darker skin could not do anything but shave or experience pain and negative results by using hair removers that didn’t work with their skin tone. Therefore don’t search any longer as the Tria Laser P would be the best option for you.



If you decide to purchase the Tria P you will never regret it as the first result will be seen after 2 sessions already. Apart from that you will get the safest home hair removal machine that reduces the hair growth and leads to hairlessness. And that means that you did spend the money wisely.

Knowing all the models that are aimed at the facial hair removing, the Tria Laser Precision is the best.

All the consumers who have purchased and used this model are satisfied with it and there wasn’t even one person who wouldn’t like its performance or results. It is a very recent and new model but despite this fact it has already become the best buy among all home laser hair removal systems. Just give it a try and the nightmare with hair on sensitive or small body parts will be over.


Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser Precision Review
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Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser Precision Review
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